IVI6000C Troubleshooting

Operation and Wiring

The IVI6000C is designed to work exclusively with telephone systems from major providers such as Bell Canada, Rogers, Vidéotron, Cogoeco, SaskTel. It will not function with third party telephone service providers such as Magic-Jack.

connexions 2

The image to the left shows how the unit is wired.

  • The port number 3 (triangle) must be connected to the original wall jack it was connected-to when it was installed.
  • The port number 1 (square) must be connected to the cable or fiber modem that provides the telephone service.
  • The port number 2 (telephone) is a spare jack to connect a local telephone.

What to do before cancelling the telephone service

  • Immediately after cancelling the telephone service, disconnect the cable on port 1 (square).
  • The telephone line will be switched to the Intercom.  Only calls originating from the intercom will ring the phones.

If the telephone service is cancelled and the intercom is not ringing the phones

  • If the telephone service is cancelled the device is no longer powered. This may happen if the device is not disconnected while the telephone service is powering the line on port 1 (square).
  • Do not try disconnecting a reconnecting the cables on the ports 1, 2 and 3 of the IVI6000C.
  • You may order a replacement unit that is preset to the intercom line. This solution  may not work and no guarantee is offered.
  • If you replace the unit,  label all cables at both ends. Take pictures of the unit with its labeled cables. Move each cable from the old unit to the new unit, one by one.
  • If your unit is defective, contact your telephone service provider, they are responsible for the equipment.
  • In case you need a replacement, please click the button below to order.
  • If you need a preset unit, email us before placing your order at:  info@sittelletech.com

Unit Cost $34.95 Canadian plus taxe.