Seenov Custom LED Lighting Value



By eliminating the constraints of the outdated bulb and socket, your design team can explore new concepts, new shapes and new materials to create truly astounding works of art.

Free Customization

We manufacture LED light sources customized to fit your fixture design. You do not have to adapt your design to our needs.

Any Shape Any Colour

We design and manufacture round, square, rectangular and variable geometry LED light sources to customer’s specifications. We can create LED light sources in any colour.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

With our controller featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology, customers can change the intensity and colour of the LED light source to suit their mood.


Designed for Manufacturability

We design LED light source that have a minimum number of fasteners, that are adapted to the physical size constrains of the fixture, that use the fixture housing to dissipate heat and that require less wiring. Each LED light source is fully tested eliminating costly assembly rework when a light source fails during manufacturing tests.

Less Copper

By grounding the lighting fixture, each LED light source needs only one wire thus reducing by 50% the copper wiring.

Lean Manufacturing Process

Our lean manufacturing process sources components around the world and ensures we can manufacture LED light sources here in Canada at a competitive price and with on-time deliveries often within days of receiving orders.

Free Design Free Prototypes Free Set-Up

We offer selected customers free LED light source design, free prototypes, free manufacturing set-up and free supply chain management. Our aim is to make your life easier. If you are thinking of a new fixture design, concentrate on the art and beauty of the product, we will take care of the LED light sources. We can provide prototypes and later stock the component needed to manufacture your custom LED light source.

Higher Revenues

Our custom LED light sources opens the door to higher revenues. In the eyes of customers, a lighting fixture that does not have a bulb that will fail and need replacement has significant value. More so in the commercial market. This positions your lighting fixture a cut above competitors and you get added revenue that would have gone to the bulb manufacturer. Our custom LED light sources are compatible with our Bluetooth® wireless controllers. You can add wireless control to your lighting fixture at an affordable price and reap the benefits of this new technology.



If you are considering replacing a bulb and socket with custom LED light sources and adding other technological advances into your lighting fixture, you have a steep learning curve to climb. With our vast knowledge of the technology and of manufacturing, we can significantly speed thing up. We can work in parallel with your fixture design team to shorten the design cycle. If you are thinking of wireless technology, we have the knowledge and expertise not only to design the controllers but to design the smartphone APPs needed to control the lighting fixture. Solutions developed by Seenov are fully compliant with the Bluetooth® wireless technology networking standard, guaranteeing interoperability with devices using other implementations of the Bluetooth® wireless specifications. We can provide free prototypes and stock components eliminating sourcing delays. If you need testing tools for manufacturing, we can provide them to ensure a fast and efficient manufacturing process.



SEENOV offers a complete solution including:

  • Reliable and easy to use components: 
    • Custom LED Light Sources
    • Interconnect devices
    • Bluetooth® controllers
    • Software
    • Smartphone APPs
    • Power Supplies
  • The design, the validation and the testing of prototypes at no cost.
  • The delivery of pre-production and production quantities of LED light sources and other components.
  • All necessary documentation and manufacturing test jigs.