Custom LED Light Sources Solutions


Seenov designs and manufactures custom LED lighting solutions for the lighting industry.

Unleash Your Creativity With our Custom LED Lighting Solutions

In today’s competitive Lighting Fixture market design is everything and using off-the-shelf LED bulbs just doesn’t cut it.  You need to go beyond the ordinary and push the limits of the envelope.

We custom design:

  • LEDs in any shape
  • LEDs in any size
  • LEDs in any color
  • LEDs in any intensity

Our team of experts will design a custom LED solution that is an integral part of your lighting fixture. We can use our knowledge of LED lighting, mechanical design, heat transfer, manufacturing and electronic control to provide you with an affordable custom LED solution. We manufacture in Canada and ship around the world.


  1. They Save Energy and Run Cooler: Custom LED Lights provide 20 to 30% more lumens per watt than standard LED bulbs.
  2. They Can Be Any Shape, Any Intensity or Any Colour. We customize the LED PCB and circuit to fit your fixture. You can design unique lighting fixtures, your competitors only dream of. Dazzle your customers.
  3. Lower Assembly Cost: by reducing the number of parts that are needed for a fixture and by lowering the cost of the light source we can help you save up to 20%.
  4.  We Offer up to 10 Year Warranty: read the fine print on your LED bulbs. Most manufacturers claim 50,000 hrs of operation but only offer 1 to 2 year of warranty.


Offer Your Customers 21 first Century Wireless LED Lighting Control Features

  • Imagine a Hotel Ballroom where the Chandeliers change color to match the theme or mood of a reception.
  • Imagine a Chandeliers that automatically dims at night to save energy.
  • Imagine a Lighting Fixture that is integrated to the Hotel’s control system to the manager’s delight.
  • Imagine variable LED beam widths or variable LED beam directions.
  • Imagine your competitor’s face when they see how you dazzle your customers with your next generation lighting fixtures.

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